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    Locks & Keys, Inc. is a full-service locksmith capable of handling all your security needs.  Our shop is located in Woburn, MA convenient to Routes 95 and 93.  With our highly trained locksmiths available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can handle all of your security and locksmithing problems, whenever they may arise.  Whether you need a total security system or a lock repaired we can help you, when you need it most.

     Our retail location located in the Woburn Mall, conveniently located off Exit 36 on Route 95 can duplicate many of those hard to find keys.  VATS, PATS, Transponders, Sidewinder, Steel, Mailbox Keys, etc. While you are there, check out our many keychains and engraving service. 

     Locks & Keys, Inc. services many types of locks and security devices including:


Exit Alarms

 Door Closers

Magnetic Locks

Electric Strikes

Access Controls


Master Key Systems

Push-button Locks



and many more.    


    More information about the services that we are requested to do most often is listed below.  If you have any further question please e-mail us or give us a call at (781) 933-999.  Thank you.

Locks & Deadbolts 

Deadbolt     The first step in securing your home or business is installing a high quality knobset and deadbolt.  Locks & Keys, Inc. sells the highest quality locks made by Arrow, Schlage, Medeco, Sargent, Ilco-Unican, Simplex, Baldwin, and many more.  These companies manufacture many different locks to designed to serve you for years.  Give one of our representatives a call today to discuss the different security options and lock functions available to you.
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medeco - High Security 

Medeco Keys     Medeco High Security Locks offer a number of added benefits.  Customers using Medeco have absolute control over the number of keys issued.  Only the person authorized to make copies will be allowed to do so.  Never worry about who you give your keys to (valet, baby-sitter, cleaners, contractors, etc.),), they will not be able to make copies, guaranteed!


Mortise Cylinder 


Cam Lock 

     In addition to key control, Medeco offers many high grade locking devices.   Deadbolts, cam locks, padlocks, and many more are available to give added security from break-ins.  Medeco  locks have hardened steel inserts to resist drilling, a patented key way and a double-locking action to resist picking.  A special collar on their Maxum Deadbolt to resists attempts at wrenching.

Deadbolt  Another great feature of the Maxum Deadbolt is the optional "Child safe" Deadbolt allows the thumbturn to be removed when the home is unoccupied.  Many thieves will break the glass and reach inside to unlock the door.  Many local fire regulations will not allow a double cylinder deadbolt : key needed on both sides to be installed on exits.  The "Child safe" feature solves that problem.
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Access Control 

Keypad     Control access to different areas with a variety of pushbutton locks (Ilco-Unican Simplex) or electronic keypads controlling electric strikes or magnets.  Today anything that uses electricity can also be controlled.  Electronic systems can limit access to certain areas for certain areas and they are easy to maintain. 
     Or you may choose a mechanical pushbutton lock to control an individual door.  This method does not require any electrical connections and combinations can be easily changed.
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and much more 

     When it comes to security you only have to know one name:
 Locks & Keys, Inc.  Our 24 hour service and highly skilled locksmiths are ready to serve you.  We are available for your routine service calls or emergency calls, when you need us most.
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     Key Duplication - Our retail shop can duplicate most high security keys for today's newer cars including: VATS, PATS, Transponders, Sidewinder, and many more.

     Our locksmiths are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   We understand the inconvenience when you lock your keys in your car or trunk, or lose your keys entirely.   Our fleet of service vans are fully equipped with a trained locksmith and a variety of special tools to safely open your car without damage. 

     Lost Keys - It happens, you lose your only set of keys and are stranded, don't worry.  If this occurs our locksmiths have the tools needed in their mobile workshop to generate a new set of keys for your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly.

AAA      Car Clubs - We are a recommended service provider for AAA, Cross Country Motor Club (CCMC), United States Auto Club (USAC), Geico, GM Roadside, Ford Roadside,  Emergency Roadside Service (ERS), Allstate Motor Club, and many more.  Automotive lock technology has had major changes over the past few years.  Cars are becoming more complicated and secure.  With the introduction of air bags, transponders, PATS, VATS, and other security products from the manufacturer it takes constant training to keep up to date on all the changes. 
      We recommend calling a trained locksmith when you become locked out or lose your keys.  This is what we are trained to do! 
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Master Key Systems 

    Tired of carrying around all those keys?  Locks & Keys, Inc. can place your building or buildings onto a master key system eliminating many of those burdensome keys.   You choose who gets access to where and we will do the rest.  Perfect solution for large companies, apartments, or vacation homes and rental property.  Our computerized system will ensure that keys are not duplicated within the system and only work where they are intended to.
           Need more information of the benefits of a Master Key System? We are here to help.

     Call us at (781) 933-9999 and we can answer any questions you may have.
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Safe     Locks & Keys, Inc's technicians can service your safe.  From combination changes to lockouts we can help. 

    Locks & Keys, Inc. also sells a wide variety of safes including Gardall, AMSEC, and others to meet anyone's need and budget.  We have a safe to protect your valuables, store deposits from thieves and dishonest employees, or important papers and firearms that may be kept in the home.  Sizes and functions vary considerably in today's market.  Many safes can be hidden or disguised as ordinary objects in the home. 
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